Slippery When Wet

Recently, we got a job transporting a set his and hers Harleys out of storage in Port Huron Michigan down to Fort Lauderdale Florida.  The couple is vacationing for a couple of months. They planned on getting the bikes then heading down the coast, pick up US 1 and travel down to the Key West. It’s a beautiful ride down there and spring riding in Florida is the best. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the ride down there.

From Snow to Rain

Fortunately for us, we just missed what is most likely the last blast of winter. Of course, in Michigan you never know. We’ve seen snow and freezing rain in April and even in May on occasion. That was the good news. The bad news is that in rained most of the way down. As soon as we hit Cincinnati the rain started and it didn’t let up. At one point, it was raining so hard it was actually coming in sideways. There was a point where we decided to get off the road for a couple of hours. Our cargo, however, was never in jeopardy, however, our transport is enclosed and nary a drop of water got in.

Coming around the mountain with the rain still coming.

Anyone driving down the I-75 corridor knows how fun (not) it can be driving through the mountains in Tennessee. Actually, for a real scare, you would travel some of the alternate paths. The tail of the dragon for example, makes traversing I75 through the mountains feel like rolling hills. The difference in this trip is the wind and rain. We ended up hitting spots where we couldn’t see and slow to a crawl. Luckily, our tires were good and time was still on our side.

Here comes the sun!

We left planning on being in Fort Lauderdale late on a Friday then meet our customers on Saturday morning. We ended up rolling in around 6 am Saturday morning. The sunrise and clear skies were a great site!  The couple practically apologized for our trip but were VERY happy they didn’t have to make the trip. Transporting motorcycles isn’t difficult, but it can be a hassle and stressful when the weather is bad. If you would like to skip the trip please contact us for a free quote on shipping your motorcycle.

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