Selling or Shipping Motorcycles and Boats

Recently the southern part of the United States got rocked with Hurricanes causing massive floods. We all know the damage and hardship it has caused. Many of us have made contributions and local, state and Federal governments have responded well.

That being said, there is a lot of work to do and people are looking for ways to recover financially and others are looking to move away.

Shipping Your Vehicle from Florida or Texas

If you are moving from Florida or Texas and need help moving your Motorcycle or Boat, we might be able to help. We typically can ship along the 1-75 corridor heading from South to North or visa versa. Contact us with a request for quote on shipping your vehicle to your new home.

Selling Motorcycles or Boats For Cash

It’s tough. For one thing, our main office is in Florida. Fortunately for us, we are near Jacksonville and our storage facility did not get damaged or flooded. Unfortunately, a lot of our fellow Floridians and Texas neighbors were not so lucky.  We have purchased a number of minor water damaged vehicles over the last month. If you are looking to sell your Motorcycle for cash, our company can give you a free quote.  We’ve been buying boats as well. Mostly we buy fishing boats, but will accept look at any request for quote for your boat.

Still Looking For Help

The communities in Florida and Texas along with Puerto Rico are still suffering more than most of us can imagine. There are many ways and organizations to do that through. Here is a link to the Red Cross, you were looking for a good one.

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