Save $50 when you Ship two Motorcycles

It’s been a pretty weird winter in Michigan and throughout the midwest and east coast. Warm to cold, to freezing and the snow has been all over the map.. literally.  We are shipping more motorcycles this year; picking them up all over the U.S. and delivering them for people that really don’t trust the weather. We were in Daytona Florida this week. It’s pretty busy down there with the Daytona 500 running.  Still We had a Honda Goldwing and Harley to transport from there to Michigan.  We were down there anyway so we gave a $50 discount on the second vehicle. We’ll do that for anyone this time of year, just ask!  If you are planning to move or transport your Motorcycle or Watercraft to Michigan from Florida or visaversa, we’ll make you the same deal. Transport two vehicles and save $50.00 on the second Call us at 1-800-962-9613.

This offer valid Through April.

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