Heading South This Winter

Shipping Your Motorcycle?

Now that winter is officially here in the north, are you planning on heading South to Florida? Certainly, you aren’t going to ride your motorcycle during this season, so if you do plan on shipping your bike, please do not hesitate to call us.


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Need Help Selling Your Motorcycle in the Midwest?

Do you plan on selling your motorcycle, but would rather not deal with having to list it, answer calls, or meet with strangers? If so, our friends at Sell Us Your Bike serve motorcycle owners in the Midwest looking for ease in selling a motorcycle. By selling a motorcycle online, you can submit a quick quote form and hear back from professional motorcycle buyers in Michigan or Ohio in a timely manner.

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Shipping Your ATV or Other Vehicles South

ATV ShippingSummer is winding down in the North. States like Michigan, Ohio and Indiana are going to  quickly run out of warm weather. After spending the whole summer outdoors and enjoying your time on the trials and riding your ATV or other powersports vehicles you may not wan the fun to end.

A lot of people like to head South for the colder months so they can still enjoy their outdoors with their ATV or other vehicles. Of course towing your vehicles all the way south can be a pains taking task and headache nobody enjoys. That is where Powersports Shipping comes in.

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Traveling Up North for the Summer

Traveling Up North for the Summer

Do you currently live in the Florida or Georgia area and are thinking about traveling up north for the summertime? Towing your own powersports vehicles can get annoying, especially if you do not have a proper vehicle to tow them with. If you would like to enjoy the great outdoors in Michigan, or the fun mountain trails in Tennessee but do not have the means to ship your motorcycle or ATV then contact Powersports Shipping.

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Ship Your Boat To the Great Lakes

Boats are watercraft

Spring is in the air, the water has thawed, and soon it will be warm enough to take your boat out on Michigan’s Great Lakes. Most people when they think of watercraft like; Skidoos, Wave Runners and Jet Skis relate that to “Powersports Shipping.” Well boats are watercraft and yes, we ship those too! Many Michigan residents, especially senior citizens, head down I-75 straight to Florida for the winter. More often than not, if they own a boat, they are taking it with them. Do you fly to and from Florida or Michigan as the seasons change? If so, how do you get your boat across the country at an affordable rate?

Shipping a boat of any size can be costly, especially if you are going from Florida or Michigan, or from Michigan to Florida down i-75. Powersports Shipping can transport speed boats, bass boats, everglades boats or brands like the Carolina Skiff and even sail boats.  Because we are a professional shipping company for boats, motorcycles, or other power sport vehicles, we have the transportation and equipment necessary for wide load shipping as well.

Would you rather sell than ship?

Maybe you are thinking about selling your boat rather than shipping it? If so, we can make it easy on you!  Visit sellusyourboat.net for a free quote on selling your boat!

What are the benefits of shipping your boat from Florida to Michigan?

  • Time and stress a long trip can take it’s toll.
  • Less wear and tear on your vehicle
  • You don’t have to have a truck or trailer hitch
  • If you are flying your boat will still make it
  • You can make frequent stops and not have to worry about the safety of your boat
  • Enjoy sight seeing and fun without hauling a boat

If you are in the process of planning your trip back to the Great Lakes this year, be sure to fill out our free quote form for shipping your boat. Contact us today for more information regarding boat shipping from Florida to Michigan.

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